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Bounce Back!

The toe monitor was bothersome for Jayde!

The toe monitor was bothersome for Jayde!

Jayde came out of surgery with flying colors! She woke up and immediately wanted something to drink. We arrived at the hospital at 6 am that morning and pulled into our driveway in Tulsa by 1:30 pm the same day. Jayde was a little upset to her stomach, but Dr. Berryhill gave her a script to settle it. She slept most of the way home and didn’t leave my sight for 24 hours.

The incision is unbelievable. Dr. Berryhill is an absolutely amazing surgeon and Jayde’s place of incision is barely visible. He hardly removed any of her hair and if you didn’t know it, you would never believe she just had surgery. The man is gifted and I feel so, so blessed to have crossed in his path.

Activation day is Mar. 5 and Eric, Nicholas and I are so ready for her to start working toward listening and speaking. It’s going to be a long journey, but one we are all ready to start on.

Jayde is a blessing to our family. Can’t wait to start this next chapter in our lives.